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Apocynum Venetum Tea
Apocynum venetum tea is making from apocynum venetum grew around Lop Nor and Lop village that became the origin of another named of Lop apocynum tea. Lop apocynum tea is in slight cold, in bitter of first taste but sweet after taste, having good effects of clear heat and lose fire, heal to headache, dizziness and insomnia. 

Qieqian Jade
Qieqian jade, also known as Qiemo jade among Hetian jades in Xinjiang, is one of the top nephrite in China equal to Kunlun jade produced in the north range of Kunlun Mountain. Spread over hundreds kilometers from Ruoqiang County to Taxkorgan County, Xinjiang boast variety of jades in white jade, blue jade, blue and white jade, green jade and other multicolor jades; among them, white jade are the top one for its bright color, fine and smooth character and high economic value. Tips: please purchase jades in standard shops to avoid fake.

Korla Pear
Korla pear is a popular specialty among tourists travelling Korla because of its extremely sweet taste, tender and succulent pulpa.    

Tomato Sauce
Tomato Sauce in Korla is making from local tomatoes growth in Korla region, in bright red color, sweet and sour, flesh taste, containing of the most haematochrome in the world.

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Korla Tour Guide

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