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Leshan Travel Guide

Leshan Feature Food

Leshan cuisine belongs to Sichuan cuisine, known by hot and spicy in home and aboard. There are various kind dishes and snack in strong Sichuan flavor in Leshan. There are few luxurious restaurants in Leshan; most restaurants in here cost cheap but clear and in good tastes. Leshan is the origin place of most famous Sichuan snack, such as Bangbang chicken, Boiled chicken (Bai Zai chicken), Laifeng fish, Rabbit meat in Sichuan style(Tiao Shui Rabbit), Dried beancurd with Shredded Turnip.
Marinated Duck in Sweet flavor (Leshan Sweet Skin Duck)
Marinated Duck in Sweet flavor is a famous food in Leshan prefecture. It is said that the dish is marinated with cooking method of royal kitchen in Qing Dynasty. The duck is in brownish red, crispy and sweet in skin but tender and fresh in duck meat.

Xibei Tofu
Xibei Tofu is a famous Sichuan snack created in an ancient town named as Xibei in Leshan city. Xibei Tofu has spread in China in the East Han Dynasty, have been recorded as famous local dish in Tang Dynasty and be popular in Ming Dynasty, owning history of more than 400 hundreds years now.
Xibei ancient town is located in the downstream of Mijiang River, about 20 km far from Leshan Giant Buddha, surrounding by clear water and mountains which covered with dense vegetation. With the unique geography, Xibei Tofu is better than other place.
Xibei Tofu can be divided in red oil tofu and white oil tofu according to their seasoning and cooking methods. Red oil tofu is in characterized of hot and spicy, tender and fresh. White oil tofu is in feature of sweet and fresh in bright color. The most famous Tofu masters in Xibei are the chef Yang Junhua and his apprentices. After over decades hard works, they create more than 300 kinds tofu; among them, 108 kinds can be making for ordinary meals and 36 kind are boutique. Nowadays, Xibei tofu has become well-known brand of Sichuan cuisine and important part of Leshan tour. 

Fish Hot pot on Min River
There are many hot pot restaurants along Min River, offering fish hot pot as main dish in Sichuan cuisine. Different to other restaurants, restaurants here open in the ships on beautiful Min River. The ship restaurants are distinctive in different decorations. Taking meal on the ship will be special experience for your tour in Leshan.   
Malatang, in meaning of “hot and spicy” in Chinese, is a kind Sichuan hotpot boiled vegetables and meats in well-prepared hot spicy soup. The condiments of the hot and spicy soup are anise, cinnamon, cumin, myrcia, amomun kravanh, Lysimachia sikokiana, amomum tsao-ko, peppers, ginger, garlic and so on. Dinners can boil any vegetables or meats as by themself like in the soup, such as tofu, chicken, pork, wax gourd. Some vegetables or meats are bunched together by a fine bamboo stick which dinners can take self-service easily. Malatang is a popular street food around Sichuan province, tourists can take a try if you visiting Leshan or Chengdu

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