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Mt.Kangrinboqe Travel Guide

Brief Introduction
King of holy mountains, Mt.Kangrinboqe is said to be the center of the world in Buddhism where founder of Buddhism Sakyamuni used to perform Buddhist rites, or the Hall of Siva in Hinduism.

Mt.Kangrinboqe is 6,714 meters above sea level. It is said to "be like an olive towering into the sky, with a seven-colored round crown and surrounded by an eight-peetal lotus. The whole mountain is like a crystal ice-carving inlaid with jade. The picture of Mt.Kangrinboqe is placed together with the figure of Buddha on the shrines of Buddhists in Tibet.

Mt.Kangrinboqe is not a visionary world mentioned in Abhidharmakosasastra of Buddhist Scripture, but a real mountain: Mt Kangrinboqe, the highest peak in the Gangdise Range, which means Precious Snow Mountain or Snow Saint in Tibetan. Many mountains in Tibet have been identified, and Mt.Kangrinboqe is regarded as "King of Holy Mountains"by all the sects of the religions here.

Mt.Kangrinboqe is not only the symbol of natural beauty, but also the symbol of religious belief.


You can take a regular bus or hire s car to go there.

DCT Tips:

For changeable climate, please take enough clothes and make sure the safety.

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