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Liping Activities

Liping Activities

Liping is a minority region, here we introduce you activities are all about minority celebration their festivals.
Dong Lunar New Year
It is the largest festival to all nationalities in China, so do Dong minority people. In Liping, the Dong villages activities from lunar Jan. 1 to 3 include Kam Greand Choirs, and playing Dong traditional opera.
Duoye Jisa
Duoye is a type of Dong traditional performance form, it is also an dancing and singing activity between Dong villages and clans. Jisa is a Dong traditional sacrifice rite in spring and autumn; Spring Jisa is praying for bumper harvest, all family members healthy and livestock thriving.
So, Duoye Jisa is an activity from lunar Jan. 3 to 4, Dong people sacrifice and hold Duoye Competition between villages and clans, the most popular events include musical instrument Lusheng match and Kam Greand Choirs match.

You could take part in Duoye Jisa in Zhaoxing Dong Town.

Huapao (Fireworks) Festival
Dong, Zhuang and Molao minorities all celebrate the Huapao (Fireworks) Festival, and Huapao Festival in Liping is lunar Mar. 3. The highlight of the festival is "Qianghuapao" which means compete for Huapao. Huapao is a quoit decorated by colorful threads, it is put on the top of a firework; when fire the firework, the huapao will be sent to the sky, every team from different Dong villages will run and compete for it; catch the Huapao is not the end, all team members should pull together, run to the Winner Gate, when hand your Huapao to the judge.
During Huapao Festival, except Qianghuapao activity, you could have fun in local bazaar and performance.
Seeding Festival

It is a festival celebrate by foods, local Dong peple will cook black sticky rice and duck dish on that day. Different village choose a date between Tomb-sweeping Day to Beginning of Summer Day.

Hantian Festival
Hantian means sacrifice to the Female Thunder God; pray for wind and rain come on time, good weather for the crops.

This festival is on lunar Jun. 15, the largest sacrifice rite is in Huanggang Dong Village, every family in the village will invite friends and relatives to join the sacrifice and after party. The after party include Long Table Banquet (every family will take their cuisine specialty to the long table, all guests could tast any dishes from any family during the banquet), call and response Kam Greand Choirs.

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