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Liping Transportation

Liping Transportation

Liping Airport
Liping Airport is a feeder-line airport in Fengde Town, it si about 65 km to downtown Fengde and 65 km to Zhaoxing Town where is the pop tour destination in Liping.
Until Nov. 2016, there are 7 cities have flights to Liping:
1. By China Express Airlines:
Liping - Guiyang
Liping - Wenzhou
Liping - Chongqing
Liping - Fuzhou
2. By China Eastern Airlines:
Liping - Shanghai Hongqiao
Liping - Kunming
3. By Joy Air:
Liping - Changsha
The only Airport Express Bus is from Liping Airport along Airport Ave to Administration Center in West Gate Bridge (Fengde) and Liping Hotel (Fengde). The price is RMB10/person.

Congjiang Railway Station
Liping do not have train station, the nearest train station is in Congjiang County. But there are only 45 km from Congjiang High Speed Railway Station to Fengde Town; and only 10 km to Zhaoxing Town.
Congjiang High Speed Railway Station is on the Guiyang - Guilin - Guangzhou High-speed Railway , so all trains to here is from Guiyang or Guangzhou direction. You could check further train informaiton on our site.
Please note that, there is no fixed time bus from Congjiang Station to towns in Liping, you could take a taxi or rent a car when you arrive.

Short distance bus in Liping
There area lots of short distance bus run by local people (from town to town, village to village), you could ask your guest house or hotel for further information when you arrive.

Liping Tour Packages

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