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Luoyang Travel Guide

Luoyang Overview

Luoyang is located in the middle reaches of the Yellow River in the western part of Henan Province.

Possibly, Luoyang would be the exact Chinese city in the image of western people, mixed the modern but remained its historical. It was the capital of nine dynasties starting from around 770 B.C. There are many historical sites to be viewed in Luoyang as well as the opportunity to purchase replicas of the framed Tang three-glaze horses. The old part of Luoyang city has been well preserved which should thank for the Chinese government paid special attention to the protection of historic city, though other ancient sites have lost much of their original grandeur after so many changes in history.


Luoyang creates its splendid culture which takes a profound influence in ancient China as well as remains well-known historical spots. The Longmen Grottos are one of top three houses of stone sculptures and inscriptions in China attracted great numbers of tourists from home and aboard. The White Horse Temple in Luoyang city was constructed in Tang dynasty which has great influence of Buddhist culture in China. Shaolin Temple is located in Dengfeng city which situated on the eastside of Luoyang city, 56km far taking about 1 hour by car. Tourists can watch the famous Chinese Martial Art in Shaolin Temple.    


The best time for visiting Luoyang
Luoyang is suitable for visiting around a year, best for April, May, and autumn (September, October).

Luoyang Tour Packages

Luoyang Tour Guide

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