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Tang Tri-colored glazed pottery
With more than thousands years history, Luoyang has created its unique brilliant culture famous for the world including it handicraft works. Among those handicrafts, Tang Tri-colored glazed pottery is the most outstanding one. The glazed pottery originated in Tang Dynasty (618-907); most of old pieces were found from old tombs in Luoyang, so they are also named in Luoyang Tang Tri-colored glazed pottery. Luoyang Tang Tri-colored glazed pottery is in three basic colors of red, green and yellow. The main patterns are horses, camels and human beings. After hard work, modern craftsmen has recovered the production process of this pottery and improved it to create vivid replicas.

Tang Tri-colored glazed pottery.jpg

Bronze ware Articles
Bronze ware making in Luoyang originated in Xia Dynasty (21st-16th Centuries BC) and was flourishing in Shang Dynasty (11th century to 771BC) with history more than four thousand years. Since 1973, Luoyang arts and crafts institute and Luoyang handicraft factory has replicated thousands pieces Of ancient bronze ware articles including bronze replicas of Horse running on the swallow, rhinos,  swords, chariots and horses and various of win cups. As a symbol tourist souvenir in Luoyang, bronze ware articles are not only excellent representation of ancient China, but also very good soft furnishings in modern time.

Bronze ware Articles.jpg

Palace Lantern
Lantern, would be one of the first images of China from western country. Well, Luoyang is one of the first candles of lantern. Palace lantern has unique meaning to Luoyang; tourists can find palace lanterns dotted around in Luoyang. Luoyang palace lantern originated in Han Dynasty (25-220AD), and blooming since Sui Dynasty (541-604AD) and Tang Dynasty (618-970AD), declining during war time especially in late Qing Dynasty (1644-19120AD) until 1949 after the founding of New China. The palace lantern are not only in round shapes, but also in sorts of other shapes such as quadrilateral, and hexangular with various figures of peony, horse and dragon hand.

In addition, there are also other nature specialties in Luoyang; among them, peony is the most typical one. If you are visiting Luoyang in Spring(from April to May), you will very luck to watch a great number of peonies blooming around Luoyang city.

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