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Nyingchi Travel Guide

Nyingchi Feature Food

Stone Bowl Chicken
The highlight of this dish is not chicken but the stone bowl. It’s made by a kind of black chiseled concave mica, which originates from Motuo, Nyingchi. In the bowl, Tibetan free ranging chickens and delicious mushrooms boiled in the bowl. One bowl charges about 200 Chinese Yuan.

bahe fish.jpg

Boiled Mutton
The fresh fat mutton is boiled with pepper, aniseed, shallot, ginger, and is tasted with hot & spicy sauces.

boiled mutton nyingchi.jpg

Bahe Fish
The Bahe fish is well know in Nyngchi area. The fishes, belong to Alpine cold water fishes, are catching from Niyang River and Basom Lake. The fish tastes tender in fillet, delicious flavor in soup, has very high nutrition value.

stone bowl chicekn.jpg

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Nyingchi Tour Guide

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