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Chinese Escort Museum

Chinese Escort Museum Travel Guide

Chinese Escort Museum introduces the development history of China escort agencies, as well as the anecdotes of escorts and escort agencies during Ming and Qing Dynasties.

Chinese Escort Museum is located on No. 61 South Ave of Pingyao Ancient City, it was the site of a escort agent in early Qing Dynasty.

With the development of Shanxi Merchants,their business went over the country, even to oversea, a huge group of goods, gold, silver and precious things need to be escorted. And in cold weapon era, armed escorts who are high in kungfu were warmly welcome to the Shanxi Merchants. And fight alone is not a good idea, so the escorted agent was established.

A escort agent should had at least one Kungfu experts, and there are many sect of kungfu, the head expert of a escort agent should be master within the experts. So t he "10 top escorts" were listed with the development of escorted agencies. Except the kungfu family agent, there are another agencies, their escorts came from the retired soldier, their advantage were they were more familiar with the frontier juncture situation even some oversea situation.

Escort agent was also a business organization, they had their own organization chart. When they escort different products or persons, they used different way to do the work. But overall, there were many interesting rules all escorts should follow:
About accommodation -- "3 no" do not stay in newly opened guest house, do not stay in change hands guest house, do not stay in whorehouse. 
Check the guest house and surrounding before accommodate, include the roof, kitchen and water well.
Principle of escorts -- smile every moment, give precedence to other people, no drinking during escort, weapon in hand, do not take-off coat during sleeping, equipage should in the same yard, should not wash face during escort.
Taboos -- should not ask the escorted goods, should not have communication with the guest family member, should not ask tips on the way.

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