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Rishengchang Site

Rishengchang Travel Guide

Rishengchang Site is also called China banking museum, it was the first private financial institution with deposit-taking and remittance business in China.

Rishengchang Site is located in the West Ave of Pingyao Ancient City, it covers an area of 1963 square meters, with 3 courtyards and more than 100 rooms. Rishengchang was founded in 1824 AD by a magnate Li Daquan and was run by the manager Lei Lvtai. They star from 300,000 tael silver, became a 38,000,000 total amounts of annually money flow banking. They run more than 40 branches in China, Southeast Asia and Europe. Since then, it has ended the backward financial situation of escorting bulk tael and gold ingot by traditional armed escort agency, greatly accelerated the commercial operation and currency circulation, and effectively promoted the development of social economy.
They have many followers, and the West Ave of Pingyao Ancient City became a finance street.

Now the Rishengchang Site become China Banking Museum, here you could not only discover the ancient banking protection by the building itself, but also the ancient banking management and operation system.

DCT Tips:

Pingyao Ancient City do not have entrance fee, but Rishengchang has. You could buy ticket packages include Rishengchang, City Wall, Xietongqing, country goverment office and Confucius temple; or on scenic area ticket.

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Rishengchang Site 1

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