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Southeast Guizhou is known as the “Town of Festivals”, there are more than 200 hundreds big or small festivals in a year. The activities are rich and colorful with unique feature during festivals celebration. The man activities are singing, dancing, bullfighting, horse racing, playing Lusheng, playing Lusheng, dragon boat racing, dragon lantern dancing, Dong opera performance ect. The most special and grand celebrations in Rongjiang are Sama Festival, Miao nationality Festival, Dong nationality Festival.
Sama Festival
Sama, meaning of “Grandmother” in Dong dialect, is an honor of heroine “Sashui” in matriarchal stage. Sashui took great contribution to against invaders but sacrificed in a battle. After her death, Sashui was regarded as goodness of Dong minority and gained honor of Sama. Dong people believed that Sama can bring safety and happiness to local people, thus, sacrificial altars and temples in villages to commemorate her. Meanwhile, annual military activity was held to in memory of her. On the worship day, people dress in sword and gun, burst out of village along horn and Lusheng just like the warring day in old time.
Main celebration activities of the Sama festival are antiphonal singing before entering village, worship ceremony of Sama, “Duoye” dancing in Dong style, exhibition of Dong garments, silver articles, weave and embroideries, bullfighting, birds fighting, gourmet and evening campfire.      
Place: Sanbao Dong village
Time: February in Chinese lunar calendar  

Miao Nationality Festival
Like the Spring festival of Han people, Miao nationality festival is traditional grand festival of Miao people. The celebration usually held in latter second half year after September in Chinese lunar calendar when harvest is finished. The major activities of festival are killing pigs, making rice duns, playing Lusheng, ethnic dancing, bullfighting and ceremony of harvest.     
Place: all Miao minority villages of Guizhou province
Time: after September in Chinese lunar calendar
Dong Nationality Festival
Dong Nationality Festival is the biggest tradition festival of Dong minority in China. Because of longtime neighborhood and communication, there are similar habits and customs between Dong and Miao people. There are also antiphonal singing, bullfighting, Lusheng playing and exhibition of silver articles during the Dong nationality festival. The unique activities are Dong opera performance, Dong Pipa singing and Grand songs of the Dong ethnic minority group. 
Place: Dong minority villages of Guizhou province
Time: 1st to 3rd of November in Chinese lunar calendar

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Rongjiang Tour Guide

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