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Rongjiang Feature Food

Ritual Rice of Dong Village
Ritual rice is a unique dish in 72 Dong villages in Rongjiang county of Guizhou province which produced for celebration of new premises built. The ritual rice is cooked    prestige elder in village. The raw materials are glutinous rice, fish soup, Chinese pepper powder, salt and so on. Put the steamed glutinous rice in fish soup seasoning with Chinese pepper, salt and other spicy, dried and steamed the rice in at least an hour until   rice crust smell.
While a new premise built, children will be fall over each other to the kitchen waiting for the ritual rice. After worship ceremony, children could get the ritual rice dough, eating flavorfully.
Rongjiang Rice noodle
If you have been study dishes or snacks in China, you will find that rice noodle take a particular position in south China including Rongjiang. Possibly because of the staple of rice and hot humid weather, people is willing to make simple staple in various kind dishes and good at choose local materials to season rice in unique flavor.
Rice noodle in Rongjiang looks like other rice noodles in other cities of south China but in unique flavor for taste. A merchant wanted to prompt Rongjiang rice noodle in gourmet market of Kaili city but failed. After investigation, the merchant fond that the unique quality of water in Rongjiang making its rice noodle in special flavors which cannot produce in other places. Therefore, tasting authentic Rongjiang rice noodle, tourists need to travel in Rongjiang.  There are various eating methods of Rongjiang rice noodles, four of them could be easily fond around in the city, one is eating the rice noodle in soup, another is fired rice noodle, the third is steamed rice rolling and the last one could be cold rice noodle.
rongjiang_rice noodle.jpg

Steamed Rice Roll
Steamed rice roll is a kind of popular snack in south China and Vietnam, which make by stewed kidney bean in rice wrapper, looking like big sushi.
The production processing of steamed rice roll in Rongjiang is not complicated, but be with fastidiousness in choosing materials. The main materials are including chewy rice roll (a thin sheet of rice dough), high quality lean meat, local lettuce, and dried bean curd. Stewed the materials firstly, and steamed the rice roll and cut the roll in small triangle shape to wrapping meat, lettuce and other materials into a long cylinder. There are two kinds eating edible methods. One is heating the rice roll in in steamer which always be using in cold days. Another is cold steamed rice roll which favorites by local people in summer.  
rongjiang_rice roll.jpg

Pickled Vegetables in Rongjiang 
Pickled vegetables in Rongjiang are variety with pickled cucumber, pickled sea weed, pickled lettuce, pickled Chinese cabbage, pickled agaric, and pickled sea kale. The pickled vegetables attractive most gourmets lines in its rice condiments but original taste of material, slight sour, fresh and tender.
rongjiang_pickled vegetables2.jpg

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