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Being one part of Southeast Guizhou, Rongjiang is also rich in ethnic handicrafts of batiks, brocades, silver ornaments, embroideries, cross-stitch works, Lusheng and so on. Beside the art crafts, Rongjiang is rich nature production, such as watermelon, navel orange, water chestnut, Xiang mutton and high quanlity beef.

Rongjiang Watermelon
According to the historical records of Rongjiang County, watermelon has been plant in Rongjiang since mid-Qing dynasty. In the mid of 1970s, new seeds and technology has been imported from Guangdong province and widespread plant in Rongjiang County. After decades study and experiment, watermelon plant gain great improvement and harvest in Rongjiang being one of the major economic crops for local people. Please do not miss the fresh fruit in Rongjiang when you travel there.
 rongjiang_water melon .jpg

Rongjiang Water Chestnut
Water chestnut is of purple black skin outside, but white pulp inside, juicy, crisp and sweet.  It is reputed as the “snow pear being ground” and “Ginseng in south China”. Ripen in autumn and winter; water chestnut can be used as vegetable as well as fruit lines in its rich nutrition of protein, fat, crude fiber, carotene, vitamin B, vitamin C, iron, calcium, phosphorus and carbohydrate.
The best water chestnuts in Rongjiang are produced in Zhongcheng town and Chejiang town. The fruit is known as its bigger shape, thin skin, crisp and juicy pulp.  
rongjiang_water chestnut .jpg
Navel Orange
If you have happened to travel Rongjiang of southeast Guizhou in winter, please do not missing the navel orange. The navel orange in Rongjiang is of uniform size, bright yellow, thin peel, tender and juicy pulp and 13% soluble solids
rongjiang_navel orange.jpg

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Rongjiang Tour Guide

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