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Chengyang Dong Villages

Chengyang Dong Villages Travel Guide

Sanjiang County is located in the Guangxi, Guizhou and Hunan three provinces border region, it is a Dong Minority County; and Chengyangwhich is also named Saier, is a representative Dong Minority community in Sanjiang. Here in Chengyang, you could not only enjoy Dong style clothing and cultures, but also discover amazing Dong sytle architectures.
Chengyang Dong Villages include 8 traditional natural villages, they are Ma'an, Ping Zhai, Yan Zhai, Pingtan, Dong Zhai, Da Zhai, Pingpu and Jichang. In this 12.55 square kilometers area, the eight villages have about 2200 Dong families and over 10000 people.
When you walk in Chengyang, you will find yourself in a natural Dong Minority Museum, eight natural villages, each village has a wind and rain bridge, a drum tower and a stage, different villages have different styles on design of these public Dong architectures, if you have time, you could rent a local villager to tell you the differences of each village, very interesting.
In front of drum tower of Ping Zhai, there are 2 local shows every day at 10:30 am and 3:30 pm, you could enjoy local elements such as Kam Grand Choirs, Lusheng instrument playing and dancing.
Besides, if you stay overnight in Sanjiang, you could discover a feast named -- hundred family feast, villagers cook at home and take their disher to the square in front of main stage, them display them togerther (different family seperate), welcome all visitors to taste their dishes. Visitors could taste each family and find the one you like, the 1st family dishes are eaten means they are good at cooking. After the feast, all villagers and visitors will dancing together and put on performance on the stage.


Take high-speed rail from Guilin to Sanjiang Nan is only 40 minutes.
Take bus (only one line, RMB4/Person) to Hexi Long Distance Bus Station, change bus to Linxi Town (RMB10/Person).

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Chengyang Dong Villages 1

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