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Sanjiang Travel Guide

Sanjiang Feature Food

Glutinous rice is the staple food for Dong people. Here the rice is so mellow with lily white luster that they are also nicknamed "Pearl Rice".The refreshingly aromatic and unique Oil Tea has a slightly salty, bitter and pungent flavor. It is prepared by pouring boiling tea into bowls containing a mixture of such ingredients as puffed rice, fried peanuts, soybeans, chopped green onions, spinach, and lean meat and so on. The specialty dishes are sour fish, sour duck, and sour pork along with other kinds of pickled vegetables. Raw fish is prepared by firstly scraping off the scales, slicing and soaking in tea seed oil for sterilization."Baijiayan" Feast is also a traditional custom. When people from other villages or distinguished guests come, each family of the whole village will prepare meals and wines to bring to a spacious ground.

Oil Tea(You Cha)
You Cha is a kind of tea originally created by Dong minority favorite by Dong, Miao, Yao and other minorities in China. Dong people usually take four meals during a day and two of them are You Cha. Process of making You Cha is relatively simple in Sanjiang County. Firstly, fired rice to rice-popcorn (preferably with camellia oil), fried peanuts. Secondly, boiled tea water. Put some oil in pan, after the oil heat, put tea leaves into the pan and frying them until the leaves turn to deep brown, and then boiling the tea with water. Filtering the leaves, then the tea water is well cooked. Dinner can add the condiments as their flavor. The main seasonings are rice-popcorns, peanuts, minced scallion, sugar and salt.
 sanjiang_you cha.jpg

Bamboo shoots
With the unique landscape of rolling hills and affluent river and steam, Bamboo are widespread grew in Sanjiang. Bamboo shoots are crisp, juicy, sweet, and delicious and gain great reputation from dinners. Bamboo shoots have been a major material of dishes. The popular dishes are fired bamboo shoots, boiled duck with acid bamboo shoots, boiled fish with acid bamboo shoots. 
sanjiang_bamboo shoots.jpg

Sour Meats in Dong style
Sour meats are special food in Dong Autonomous County of Sanjiang. The sour meats are sour pork, sour duck, sour chicken, and sour fish. Making sour meats usually takes more than six months sousing the meats in air-tight container. Sour meats are always the main food for entertain guests in Dong villages.
Sour fish in Dong style
sanjiang_sour meat.jpg

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Sanjiang Tour Guide

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