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China Shopping

Quanzhou Shopping

Mar 29, 2016

Shopping center in downtown Quanzhou are distributed on Zhongshan Road, Daxi Street, Nanjun Road, Jinhuai Street, Xinmen Street and the Houcheng Tourist and Cultural...

Zhangzhou Shopping

Mar 29, 2016

The main commercial centers in Zhangzhou are distributed on Cangyuan Road, Nanchang Road, Danxia Road, Shengli East Road, Datong Road, Xinhua East Road, Minzhu Road,...

Tibet Shopping

Mar 29, 2016

There are many souvenirs with ethnic characteristics in Tibet. It would be a pity if tourists didn't buy any of them. Tibetan KnifeTibetan knife is an accessory which...

Rongjiang Shopping

Mar 29, 2016

Being one part of Southeast Guizhou, Rongjiang is also rich in ethnic handicrafts of batiks, brocades, silver ornaments, embroideries, cross-stitch works, Lusheng...

Zhenyuan Shopping

Mar 29, 2016

As a minority inhabit, Zhenyuan is rich in ethnic handicrafts including Dong and Miao embroideries and cross-stitch products, batik products and ethnic silver...

Nyingchi Shopping

Mar 29, 2016

Travelling in Nyingchi, tourists can purchase various necessities and handicraft in scenic spots, hotels and shops. As an important trade center in southeast Tibet,...