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China Shopping

Turpan Shopping

Mar 29, 2016

Shopping Turpan is famous for its grapes and is an important producer of sultanas and wine.

Shangri-la Shopping

Mar 29, 2016

Because the unique plateau landscape of Shangri-La, there is scarcely any man-made destruction and pollution and the nature produce here are pollution-free. Shangri-La...

Kashgar Shopping

Mar 29, 2016

In Kashgar, the best area to shop is around the streets near Id Kah Square. Good quality carpets can be found in the shops on the streets heading north from the...

Leshan Shopping

Mar 29, 2016

There are many local products in Leshan which tourists can buy them as snacks or gifts for your relatives and friends. Sesame oil sugar is popular snacks for tourists....

Hong Kong Shopping

Mar 29, 2016

Well known as the Shopping Paradise, Hong Kong is rich in digital products, world- famous brands, luxury goods, cosmetics and books. The major shopping area in Hong...

Emei Shopping

Mar 29, 2016

1. Zhuyeqing Tea ( Bamboo Green Tea )Zhuyeqing is one of the famous green teas in China with its function of health care. The tea grows in the mountainside which the...