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Tianjin Travel Guide

Tianjin Overview

Tianjin is one of the four municipalities under the central government, the same with Beijing, Shanghai, and Chongqing. Tianjin is known as Chinese national center city, northern economical center, economical center of Bohai Sea, international shipping center in northern China, international logistics center in northern China, international port city, ecological city, research and development center of traditional Chinese medicine, marine instrument testing center in Asia-Pacific Region, and the like.

Tianjin was thriving because of water transport in old time, and was built as a fortification city since 1404 of Min Dynasty. It’s the only city has exact city construction time. After more than 600 hundreds years, time made and accomplished Tianjin a unique cityscape combining with Chinese and western style, ancient and modern compatibility.

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In 1860, Tianjin was open as a trading port. Many western countries set concessions in Tianjin, where thus became a base of the famous Westernization Movement in late Qing Dynasty. Starting from Tianjin, modernization covering railway, telegraph, telephone, postal system, mining, modern education, and justice system created more than a hundred precedents in China. Particularly, the newly built Tianjin International Cruise Home Port brought huge business opportunities jobs and to Tianjin since June 2009. Nowadays, Tianjin is supported by many fields of industries, manufacture, agriculture, finance, commerce, foreign trade, port trade.

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There were several legends or sayings about how Tianjin got the name. One was coming from Quyuan’s poems of Li Sao in Warring States Period. Another was from a local river called Tianjin River. The most popular one was given by Yongle Emperor in Ming Dynasty. Yongle Emperor gave orders to build the Forbidden City in Beijing. 

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Tianjin Tour Guide

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