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Urumqi Feature Food

Urumqi Feature Food

As a Uyghur and other minority region who are Muslim, Urumqi feature foods almost with the key ingredient -- Mutton. Except that, beef and chicken dishes are normal in Urumqi's restaurant menu. And for vegetable, onion is the king, besides, tomato, chili, carrot are the most popular ingredients. Because of the sun light and the temperature differences day and night, the vegetable are all tasty, so do the fruits. Types of Melon and grape are the highlights, beside, peaches, jujube, apricot, pomegranate, apple, prune, bergamot pear,quince and fig you could find in the local market. They all have the same peculiarity -- high sugar content, really sweet!

Here are some popular local dishes in Urumqi, you could try when you visit here. please do not forget to make sure the restaurant you visit is a halal dining or not; normally in a halal restaurant, they do not offer pick-me-up drinks, you could not order, and could not bring your own, even beer is not allow. And do not talk about pig and pork when you dining in a halal restaurant.

Double Boiled Lamb Soup

Even shashilik or grilled mutton are really popular all around China, but Boiling is the best cooking way to local people. There is a saying, only the best lamb could be cooked as boiling soup with spring water, lamb, some onions, salt and pepper.

Xinjiang Rice

It is popular not only in Xinjiang but also in all Middle and West Asia, it is a stewed rice made by fresh mutton, carrot, onion, oil, mutton fat, rice and salt. First of all is frying a half dicing carrot and onion till they turn brown, then add the blanching mutton and mutton fat, keep on frying until they got the color, and add water and salt to stew 15 minutes. Now is the time for rice, rice should be on the top of the mutton. Cook another 15 minutes, the rice is well-done, add the rest half carrot and onion, stir, let all ingredients mix together. A simple but tasty Xinjiang Rice is ready.


It is baked flour cake with surface detail in Xinjiang, as the main cause of Xinjiang people, a naan is crispy outside and soft inside, and with many shapes and patterns. 

Steamed Thin Skin Bun stuffed with Mutton

Shashlik/Grilled Mutton Chops/Grilled Mutton Leg

Xinjiang Noodle with Gravy
Its local name is "La Tiao Zi". "La" means the noodle making technique and "Tiao Zi" means noodle. The Gravy normally with mutton, onion, tomato and seasonal vegetable.

Baked Samosa
It is a Baked Bun stuffed with lamp and mutton fat, of cause some onion. The local people use the oven for baking the naan to make the samosa. It is crispy outside and juicy inside.

Salty Milk Tea

Xinjiang Big Plate Chicken
It is also named Xinjiang Market Chicken. It is not a local dish but learn from Sichuan people in the 1980s. At the time, the trucker from Sichuan do the road transportation to Xinjin, they could like to cook some Sichuan dish, but could not find enough ingredients, so they choose some local ingredients in Xinjiang, fry with Sichuan seasoner they took from home, create this special dishes now really popular in Xinjiang.
The local ingredients include chicken, potato, onion, green bell pepper, red bell pepper, ginger and garlic, and the seasoner from Sichuan include thick broad-bean sauce, Sichuan pepper, dried chili, star anise, nyrcia; other seasoner include salt, soy sauce, sugar and beer.

First of all, fry the sugar with oil with give the brown color, then put the blanching chicken, add thick broad-bean sauce, soy sauce, dried chili, Sichuan pepper and ginger, keep on frying. Then add some beer,  star anise and nyrcia, stew for 20 minutes, then is the time to put the potato and salt for more flavor. Stew another 15 minutes, the potato become soft, now it is the time for adding  onion, green bell pepper and red bell pepper. 

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