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Urumqi Shopping

Urumqi Shopping

Urumqi is a great place to pick up some interesting craft items like ethnic clothing, embroidery, and jewelry. Other handicrafts include jade carvings, Kashgar carpets, exotic knives, wood crafts, and ethnic musical instruments. All of the above items are handmade and many can be found at very cheap prices, both of which make Urumqi a fun place to shop for something a little special.

The Erdaoqiao market, the largest Uigur bazaar in Urumqi is located along Jiefang Nan Lu. Here, you´ll find a bustling market filled with fruit, clothing, crafts, knives, carpets and more. This is a heavily populated Uigur area and many of the city´s major mosques are in the Jiefang Nan Lu district. As the area is quite crowded, it is important to be conscious of pickpockets when handling and putting your money away.

Xinjiang is famous for its fruit including; grapes, hami melon, almonds, pomegranates, figs, peaches, apples and much more.

Yingjisha Small Knife

Yingjisha Small Knife is named after where it’s produced , Yingjisha County. Its material is selected, the appearance is exquisite, the method of work is special, ornamentation is pretty. It’s a good choice to buy it as a souvenir. You can buy it in Minjie Street.

Xinjiang Carpet

Xinjiang carpet is soft, smooth and pretty, it has very strong ethnic minority features and local patterns. It’s famous in China, and also well-known internationally, thus, it’s called oriental carpet. You can buy it on Minjie Street.

Flower cap

Flower cap, is called Duoba by Weiwu’er minority people, it’s a cap worn by the old to the young. It’s not only a cap but also an artware. It has flower pattern embroidered and is very colorful. It’s a good choice to give it to friends and family as presents. You can buy it on Minjie Street.

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