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Xiamen Travel Guide

Xiamen Feature Food

As one of the most suitable for living cities in China, Xiamen boasts a great number of delicious Fujian dishes, basically characterized by fresh, salt and sweet flavor, famed of various seafood and vegetarian dishes. Following are some Xiamen feature foods for your reference:

Seafood in Xiamen
The most famous seafood dishes in Xiamen are Fried Sea Oyster, Braised Sea Cucumber, Steamed Scallops, Scallop in Shell, Steamed Mandarin Fish, Sautéed Crab, Kung Pao Shrimp, Grilled Prawns with Seafood Sauce and others. You can find seafood in most Xiamen restaurants including deluxe hotels to common restaurants, roadside stands to purchasing seafood on your own and then ask for cook in restaurants.
Braised Duck with Ginger in Soup
The main material of this dish is duck. Firstly, fired the duck with sesame oil until the meat is fragrant, and then add old ginger, rice wine and Chinese herbs to boil in a clay pot. Braised duck with ginger in soup is characteristic of fresh and fragrant, slight spicy but sweet. It is an excellent nourishing dish among traditional cuisines in Fujian. 

Vegetarian Food in Nanputuo Temple
Nanputuo vegetarian food is regarded as “the best vegetarian feast in China” having history of more than hundred years which originally served for the monks and Buddha in past. The vegetarian food is famed with fastidious materials choosing, excellent cooking, exquisite decorating and delicious tasting, showed the humanistic spirit of Buddhism.    

 There are some special places deserved for visiting whether you are gourmet or ordinary chowhound.  Huang Sheng restaurant, Miss Zhao restaurant and Babycat restaurant in Gulangyu Island are always bustling; Yuehua Shacha Noodles, Dajiaxiang Braised Duck in Zhongshan Road are popular among dinners. In Dadeng Island, there is a great numbers of seafood stands, booming, abustle and astir.

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Xiamen Tour Guide

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