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Yichang Travel Guide

Yichang Overview

Yichang is a beautiful and fertile land well-known as “A bright pearl on Yangtze River”, located in the west of Hubei province in middle China, one the riverside of Yangtze River nearby Xiling Gorge. There are citizens of about 1.2 million in Yichang city of construction area of 130 square kilometers. Yichang has historical records of more than 2,700 years and human activities of more than one hundred thousand year since the Neolithic Age. It is the cradle of ancient Ba Culture and the homeland of Quyuan who was a great poet and patriot in ancient China.
Nowadays, Yichang is famous city along Yangtze River as an important over stop of Yangtze cruise.

There is an article about Yichang written by a geographer called Yuan Shansong in the Eastern Jin Dynasty. He said, he had always heard about the danger of Yichang, because of its fast rivers and complicated geography. But when he got there, he felt very happy and found the beauty of Yichang. He saw green mountains, stack-up cliffs, all were in peculiar and rare shapes, the woods were full of different trees, and cloud was flowing above. He was so amazed by this grand view that he forgot how long he had stayed there.
Yichang is not only a city with significant view of Yangtse Gorges and appealing Tujia Minority Culture of Qingjiang River, but also ancient cultural relic such as Quyuan Temple, hometown of Zhaojun Princess, and Ancient Battle Ground of Three Kingdoms Period. It’s one of the key tourism cities among 11 cities in China, and it’s awarded as “Excellent Tourism City” in China.


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Yichang Tour Guide

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