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Zhangjiajie Travel Guide

Zhangjiajie Shopping

Zhangjiajie is home to beautiful Tujia hand-woven baskets. They are to be found at family-run shops on Huilong Lu in Zhangjiajie City, priced around RMB20. Other nice trinkets include decorated handkerchiefs and exquisitely carved walking sticks. Best not to buy the so-called "medicine" that many locals offer - word has it that most of the remedies are ordinary roots.

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People’s square is the major commercial area in Zhangjiajie which complete set of services including restaurant, accommodation, transport, entertainment, traveling service and purchases shops.

Tu Minority Brocade have been made into varied craftworks are very popular souvenirs among visitors to Zhangjiajie. The Brocade plays a very important role in the life of Tu Minority.Absolutely necessary item in the daily lives of the Tu Minority which can be made into clothes and decorations. And also often be exchanged as gifts among the locals. Less subject to external cultural influences, Tujia brocade art has always retained strong geographic and ethnic characteristics. The animal model of Tu minority brocade is a sum of precious wealth in China folk art family. In 1988, Mr. Lipeng premier gave the Tu minority brocade bag (named "Two Sparrow") to American president Bush and his wife. After that Tu minority brocade more famous in the word.

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Zhangjiajie Tortoise figure stone
The tortoise figure stone is a specialty local product from Tianzi Mountain of Zhangjiajie. It is a fossil from coral aggregation. The stripe of the stone is very similar to the texture of a turtle’s shell, hence the name. With just a little polishing and washing the fossil with water, its tortoise texture will present at once. The stone can be carved in to all kinds of figures. There are stone tortoises, cows, horses, dragons, leopards, pandas, dogs, incense burners and more.

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Zhangjiajie Tour Guide

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